Frances Ross Art

contemporary abstract paintings


The phrase ‘Spots of Time’ from Wordsworth’s The Prelude resonated deeply with me. my memories from childhood are random and disconnected.

I hope that, by looking at these paintings, you will recall odd moments from your past: the pattern on a dress, a song, a conversation. The past was not all rosy of course. Sometimes we remember feelings of alienation or discord as well as feelings of hope, of ambition and achievement.

This is a dreamy, misty painting with blues – ceruleum, muted indigo and turquoise, pink and a flash of red. The shapes are half revealed from the glaze hinting at a blurring, or recollection, of memories.



Acrylic on cradled panel
Size H30cm x W30cm x D2cm
Signed and dated on back
Sold unframed – This is a deep wooden panel and hangs without the need for a frame. The reverse is fitted with wire ready for hanging.

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