Frances Ross Art

contemporary abstract paintings


The poem The GUEST HOUSE by RUMI is a great lesson in  mindfulness and a reminder to accept all the thoughts and emotions we feel and to meet them all with courage, warmth and respect. Our thoughts not only have an impact on our intellect but also our hearts.

Just as in meditation, thoughts and emotions come up and then pass. My aim with these paintings is to aid a sense of allowing thoughts, memories and dreams from the subconscious to appear, to ebb and flow.

The definition of Phrontistery is A Place for Thinking or an establishment for study and learning. The soft colours with flashes of strong saturated colours represent the moments of understanding and realisation achieved through delving into a subject




Acrylic on cradled panel
Size H40cm x W40cm x D2cm
Signed and dated on back
Sold unframed – This is a deep wooden panel and hangs without the need for a frame. The reverse is fitted with wire ready for hanging.

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