Frances Ross Art

contemporary abstract paintings

I always start with mixing colours until I find a combination that ‘tingles’. Often I will try to find one colour that should look awful with another. I like that discomfort, the discord. The paintings gradually reveal their identity and words or phrases will spring to mind to help to simplify and emphasis.

I work on a series of paintings at a time. My paintings are abstract, or rather non-objective in that they are not ‘from’ anything or have any subject matter. The elements of the paintings, especially the colour, are the subject. I am attempting to encourage meditation and reflection. I hope that, by looking at each work over a period of gazing, thoughts and memories will come to you, just as music evokes feelings and emotions.

I graduated in Fine Art, Painting, from Brighton Polytechnic. I have exhibited in a Southern Arts Council Touring Exhibition and worked as a studio assistant for the late Gillian Wise. I have sold work in Canada and the UK.

I have had an eclectic, unplanned, working life. I had a media phase: working for a record company and in advertising and television. That was followed by the ‘trying to be sensible, but being really miserable’, phase – desk top publishing for a bank. Finally the animal phase – running a livery yard and owning a 100 acre horse farm in Canada, oh, and I’m also trained as a dog groomer!

I have lived all over England and in the Sultanate of Oman and Canada. I currently live in North Yorkshire.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work

EDUCATION            Portsmouth Collage of Art & Design. Foundation Course

                                           Brighton Polytechnic. BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting)



Casting Wishes selected for the Abstract Open Call exhibition at the Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield


An extended period of exploration, taking many online courses and workshops including Colour, Self Portraits & Floribunda with Emily Ball and Mindful Markmaking with Ella Clocksin.  An interview with Louise Fletcher can be seen here


Courses taken at Dundas Valley School of Art (Abstracts) and Peterborough Art School (Ceramics). Weekly ceramics classes at Practically Potty in Port Hope

Before 2006

Exhibited in a Southern Arts Touring Exhibition

Studio Assistant to the late Gillian Wise a member of the Constructivist movement

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